Hitler and Women – Adolf’s Dirty Little Secret

According to Henry Murray, an American psychologist and a Harvard professor, one of the most brutal tyrants in world history was a diagnosed schizophrenic on a mission to avenge his childhood years of repressed rage. In 1943, the OSS, a precursor to the CIA, assigned Murray to study Adolf Hitler’s personality to try to predict his behaviour. The ensuing analysis became the 229-page report called “Analysis of the Personality of Adolf Hitler,” in which Murray described Hitler as a paranoid “utter wreck” who was “incapable of normal human relationships.” Murray stated that, during his childhood, Hitler suffered from intolerable feelings of inferiority, largely stemming from his small, frail, and sickly physical appearance. “He never did any manual work, never engaged in athletics, and was turned down as forever unfit for conscription in the Austrian Army,” Murray writes. Hitler managed his insecurities by worshiping “brute strength, physical force, ruthless domination, and military conquest.” Even sexually, Hitler was described as a “full-fledged masochist,” who humiliated and abused his partners. Two of Hitler’s partners, who dared whisper about his proclivities were Maria Reiter and Hitler’s own niece, Geli Raubal.

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