The Ghosts of Versailles – Is Marie Antoinette Haunting Her Palace?

The Ghosts of Versailles story was told by two English school teachers, Charlotte Anne Moberly, and Eleanor Jourdain. Both women came from respectable families and held important positions at respectable English schools. The two ladies were in Paris in August of 1901 and on the 10th they decided to visit the Palace of Versailles.

They especially wanted to see a building called the Petit Trianon, but they became lost and felt as if they had wandered onto a set for a stage play.
It was then that the two women saw things that looked very out of place: men in old-fashioned clothing and hats, vintage farming equipment sitting out in the open, a scary man with a face ravaged by smallpox, a pretty woman dressed in clothes a century old.
Later, the women would discovered that the pretty woman they saw sketching in the garden was Marie Antoinette in her last days before imprisonment.

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